“Don't concentrate on the finger or you'll miss all the heavenly glory”

Bruce Lee

It’s in this single scene from Enter the Dragon (1973) that Lee gives us almost everything we need to know. A direct message from one artist to another. A codified kick in the face.

We must transcend ourselves, look beyond the autobiography of our tiny single digits, past the transience of trend, beyond society, humanity, reality and gaze deep into the chaos; the endless expanse of everything, all at once. Let it wash over us, experience it without thought or question.

By entering this state we access the most precious and vapourous of places - a world of endless mystery where intrigue resides round every corner.

Work without feeling is merely exhibition, an empty presentation. It is only work imbued with emotional content, work that creates an emotional response, that is successful. To feel is to know; as Gertrude Stein said “enjoying is understanding”.

Aesthetics are important too but only if we go back to it’s root - I perceive, feel, sense.

Whilst Lee’s erudite body blows have undeniably softened us up, the knockout blow comes left of field from renowned heavyweight Marshall McLuhan: We need humour too so we can prod and probe our surrounds; “[humour] does not deal in theory but in immediate experience, and is often the best guide in changing perceptions.”

So go out there and kick something - don’t take your eyes off it mind, cos it might just kick you right back.


b. 1981, Lancaster, UK

2021 - 2023 MA Contemporary Art Practice, Royal College of Art, London

Solo Exhibitions
2021 Negative Capability, Ridley Road Social Club, London

Group Exhibitions
2023, Overflow, Galleria Objets, London
2023 Graduate Show, Truman Brewery, London
2023, Alternative Airport, RuptureXIBIT, London
2023, Bliss, Royal College of Art, London
2022, Pure Class, St John on Bethnal Green, London
2022, Salon, Dyson Gallery, London
2022 Work in Progress, Royal College of Art, Online
2021 Summer Exhibition, Royal Academy, London
2021 Boredom Is Not A Luxury, Craft Central, London
2021 Thresholds, D-Contemporary Gallery, London
2021 Open Fragment, Pragmata Collective, Online
2020 The Benefactors, Bedroom Gallery, Glasgow

2023 Tate Lates, Tate Modern, London
2022 For Your Consideration, Bow Arts Durham Street Studios, London
2022 Film Rendezvous, Dyson Gallery, London

2023 Ghost Notes, Fold Gallery, London
2023 Recombinator, Staffordshire St Gallery, London
2022 Capbaret, Royal College of Art, London
2022 I’m Doing This Because... , Dyson Gallery, London, UK
2022 Capbaret, Royal College of Art, London
2021 Tête-à-tête (CAP x GSA), Stereo, Glasgow

2022 Pliable Tools
2023 Glimpse

2023 Beyond Surface, Montez Press Radio, New York/Online
2022 Hybrid Realities x Montez Press Radio, Montez Press Radio, New York/Online

Artist Talks
2022 Peer Sessions Crit, Chisenhale Gallery, London
2022 Peak Humanity, Royal College of Art, London